VEHICLES7YFN Think Tank: Sustainable mobility post COVID-19


The special edition of #VEHICLES7YFN Think Tank will focus on the implications of COVID-19 for the sustainable mobility transformation in Europe in the coming two years.

The 2020 iteration will organise F2F and virtual meetings in Bilbao, Brussels and Barcelona, with the involvement of multidisciplinary experts and key actors of the urban mobility ecosystem in Spain and Europe.


The Bilbao meeting will be held as a virtual forum on the 30th June-1st July.

  • NATURE OF THE MEETING: a virtual format with conference platform tools for the plenary sessions and a digital workspace for the workshops to assure the level of collaboration, the active participation and success from previous editions.
  • RESEARCH/ PREPARATION: Selected collaborative entities will actualize the materials that will constitute preparatory reading to members. Sponsors will also use this time to define the scope and topics covered in thematic workshops they will host.

 Click on the pictures below to access the 2020 program and the #VEHICLES7YFN Brochure:

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#VEHICLES7YFN Brochure (2018-2019 Journey)


  • BRIEF PROGRAM: a 2-day period and will have the following structure:


  1. Opening Session (public): There will be a live-streaming session with a Keynote and a Round Table from Sponsors on their thematic workshops.
  2. Thematic Workshops (members only): Sponsors will lead thematic workshops through the implementation of the Oxford Scenario Planning Approach methodology and will require active participation from the participants.
  3. Closing Session (members only): presentation of the outcomes of each workshop and a discussion on future priority actions by the Government at a local, regional, national, and European level.

After the sessions, the outcomes will serve as input to an executive report that will be shared with the #VEHICLES7YFN members. This report will be the foundation element to generate strategic discussions with key European institutions working in the mobility field during the second #VEHICLES7YFN meeting scheduled for next October in Brussels.

Remember that for the first time, there will be an open session at the beginning of the event with the institutional openning and the first roundtable of the event.

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