Smart Cities Commission

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AMETIC has a specific strategic line in Smart Cities. We want to help you make the most of the opportunities presented by the new paradigm of Smart Cities.




  • W. G. Legislation and Public-Private Partnership
  • W. G. Definition, Standardization and Legal Aspects
  • W. G. New Professional Profiles in Smart Cities
  • W. G. Security and Privacy
  • W. G. Interoperability among Smart Cities Platforms




  • The Smart Cities Commission consists of more than 100 expert companies in the sector, with effective and active structure organized in working groups.
  • We have a broad portfolio of general services and R&D&i for partners. In addition, we strive to offer networking networks of public access as es.INTERNET.
  • We organize and participate in seminars on R&D financing in areas of maximum interest as Horizon2020, ERDF, Innovative Public Procurement or FI-WARE.
  • We manage the organization of Greencities and Sustainability Forum in Malaga , one of the most important events in Smart Cities, along with the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga and ETICOM, and collaborate and participate in main industry events
  • We lead the major national initiatives such as INERCIA Alliance or Smart Cities Committee of CEOE, to unify and centralize positioning that defends the interests of the sector.
  • We collaborate with the main entities involved in the world of Smart Cities, as RECI, AENOR, RED Innpulso, Ministry of Industry, SETSI,, CDTI and the European Commission.



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We are founders of INERTIA, a coalition of business associations nationwide with specific focus on Smart Cities. Besides the ICT, it includes associations from all sectors.

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We have presence at the highest level within the Smart Cities Committee of CEOE (The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations).

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We colaborate with RECI (Spanish Smart Cities Network) formed by reference municipalities in Smart cities.


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We maintain dialogue with the Ministry of Industry, SETSI (Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society) and, to define strategies and concrete actions.


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We collaborate with the network of cities of Science and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Red Innpulso


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We participate in the definition and standardization of the Smart City with a own Work Group and having presence in the standardization committee CTN 178 on Smart Cities of AENOR (The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).



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We coordinate the Technology Platform for Future Internet, es.INTERNET, focusing on national and European R&D+i and funding opportunities and projects through the European Office AproTECH .