Smart Cities Commission

AMETIC has a specific strategic line in Smart Cities. We want to help you make the most of the opportunities presented by the new paradigm of Smart Cities.




  • W. G. Legislation and Public-Private Partnership
  • W. G. Definition, Standardization and Legal Aspects
  • W. G. New Professional Profiles in Smart Cities
  • W. G. Security and Privacy
  • W. G. Interoperability among Smart Cities Platforms




  • The Smart Cities Commission consists of more than 100 expert companies in the sector, with effective and active structure organized in working groups.
  • We have a broad portfolio of general services and R&D&i for partners. In addition, we strive to offer networking networks of public access as es.INTERNET.
  • We organize and participate in seminars on R&D financing in areas of maximum interest as Horizon2020, ERDF, Innovative Public Procurement or FI-WARE.
  • We manage the organization of Greencities and Sustainability Forum in Malaga , one of the most important events in Smart Cities, along with the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga and ETICOM, and collaborate and participate in main industry events
  • We lead the major national initiatives such as INERCIA Alliance or Smart Cities Committee of CEOE, to unify and centralize positioning that defends the interests of the sector.
  • We collaborate with the main entities involved in the world of Smart Cities, as RECI, AENOR, RED Innpulso, Ministry of Industry, SETSI,, CDTI and the European Commission.



Alianza Inercia

We are founders of INERTIA, a coalition of business associations nationwide with specific focus on Smart Cities. Besides the ICT, it includes associations from all sectors.


We have presence at the highest level within the Smart Cities Committee of CEOE (The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations).




We colaborate with RECI (Spanish Smart Cities Network) formed by reference municipalities in Smart cities.




We maintain dialogue with the Ministry of Industry, SETSI (Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society) and, to define strategies and concrete actions.




We collaborate with the network of cities of Science and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Red Innpulso



We participate in the definition and standardization of the Smart City with a own Work Group and having presence in the standardization committee CTN 178 on Smart Cities of AENOR (The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).





We coordinate the Technology Platform for Future Internet, es.INTERNET, focusing on national and European R&D+i and funding opportunities and projects through the European Office AproTECH .