The use and disclosure of personal information for private and business life is a major trend in informational society. Users publish information to network and stay in touch with friends, family, and business contacts, to exchange data for collaboration, or to use services from commercial providers in diverse sectors. These values for the users, like enhancing social contacts or personalising services and products, compromise with privacy risks arising from the user’s loss of control over their personal data and digital footprints.


di.me researches technology that enables the user to use personal data in a controlled, trustworthy, and intelligent way. The project develops a di.me platform that incorporates user-control deeply in design: a personal userware serves as central node in a decentralized network, connecting with clearly distinct digital identities to external services, e.g. social networking platforms. Based on this platform, a demonstration solution will offer intelligent features to guide users. This aims to be used in scenarios like social networking in smart business events or for business customer relationship management. Thus, di.me aims at providing a technology that can be used for diverse social, privacy-preserving services.