Message from the Managing Director

Director General

2015-2016.- Digital Economy requires political commitment at national level


Our economy shows recovery signals after a long period.  After six years of continuous market recession, an inflection point appears in 2014. And 2015 seems to follow the same path. Good news, of course, but ICT markets still grow more rapidly in other regions of the world. Europe is failing to take full advantage of the Digital Economy.

Developed economies have proven a clear correlation between Digital Economy and GDP. Those countries investing in knowledge, digitalization, innovation and industrialization are growing fast meanwhile the rest are lagging behind. Spain is not in privileged positions in international rankings so the digital transformation of our economy, our productive system and our society remains a challenge.

Digital Revolution in Europe is not about technical or financial capacity. It is all about strategy. It is all about the path we want to gain our future. It is all about our decision to transform European economy into a real and efficient digital economy, backed by an efficient ICT industry and adopted by the whole productive sector, by the European Society and by the European governments.

With this beliefs in mind, AMETIC’s objectives for 2016 are:

Effective deployment of the European Digital Single Market with focus on

  • Consumer
  • Provider
  • Transactions
  • Secure & Trustable Infrastructure
  • IPR (protecting the product– e.g. Legal Software- and protecting the author)
  • Data Protection (protection of the digital user)
  • Legal framework for a sustainable development of the market

Vibrant European ICT industry with focus on

  • Research & Development
  • Balanced legal framework for a sustainable development of the ICT industry
  • Technology driven initiatives (industry 4.0, smart cities, Intelligent Transport Systems, etc)
  • Market environment for a sustainable and wealthy industry
  • Knowledge

Urgent Digital Transformation

  • Stimulating demand driven initiatives
  • Digital Transformation through ICT adoption by any economic sector
  • Digital Transformation through ICT adoption by Public Administration
  • Digital Transformation of Society (eSkills for the citizens, eAwareness, etc)


Support the whole ICT industry in Spain to meet these goals is AMETIC’s responsibility


Benigno Lacort

General Manager of AMETIC


2014-2015.-We believe in investment, innovation and reindustrialization

AMETIC’s member companies have agreed on a strategic line of reasoning that embodies the principles we consider vital for implementing the Digital Economy in Spain.

The advanced economies have revealed the link between the digital economy and the GDP. Countries that invest in incorporating ICTs into their production sectors, extending the Information Society to their citizens and developing a supporting ICT industry are those that make the quickest progress.

Our aim as an Association is thus to develop a sustainable model to enhance Spain’s competitiveness, backed by wider use of our technologies. Spain needs to become more competitive by increasing the efficiency of its productive sectors and Public Administration, through digital transformation in both cases. In short, we propose a corporate responsibility approach to achieve goals that will be positive for Spain in terms of competitiveness, employment and technology development and will clearly enhance the growth of the ICT sector, improving the positioning of our industry worldwide.

We believe it is necessary to encourage a virtuous circle of industrial planning, knowledge generation and R&D promotion, transferring all of these to the market. For this to happen, we need:

  • Macroeconomic stability, confidence and reputation
  • Institutional efficiency
  • Abundant intellectual capital
  • Innovation promotion
  • High-quality infrastructures
  • Extensive, robust markets
  • Efficient financial markets


In the medium to long term, AMETIC will thus promote, defend and support all types of measures for this purpose in our closest environment, i.e. in Europe and in Spain.

While we achieve this, short-term action will also be required, and AMETIC therefore intends to:

  • Help gear regulations towards investment promotion
  • Avoid consideration of the sector as a mere commodity: the sector creates value.
  • Revitalise the implementation of the Spanish Digital Agenda
  • Develop an ICT Reindustrialisation Plan, backed by:
    • Major leveraging projects that will mobilise the industry
    • Generation of highly competitive technology hubs of excellence
    • An increase in the average size of Spanish technology SMEs
    • Better tax treatment and improved funding for companies
    • Efficient activation of innovative public procurement
    • Increased public investment in R&D
  • Promotion of Digital Transformation in other production sectors
  • Adaptation of training to the requirements of the new digital scenario


In short, our Association is fully aware of the current scenario in Europe, and proposes:

  • Accelerating the single European digital market with a symmetrical regulatory framework that will encourage investment, reduce administrative and tax burdens and be legally stable.
  • Demanding fulfilment of the targets for 2020, which in the digital field involve compliance with the European Digital Agenda, endeavouring to exceed the targets set as quickly as possible.
  • Establishing an urgent digital reindustrialisation plan, with all available economic and financial resources.
  • Establishing a digital transformation plan for the European production sectors.
  • Adapting the skills of university and vocational training graduates to the needs of industry.


This is our reasoning, and it implies commitment to Spain’s industry and to Society.


Benigno Lacort

Managing Director of AMETIC